What is architectural visualization?

architectural visualisation and CGI animation is now the architectures new pencil and drawing board; because of the fact that most buildings created today are first rendered completely before on computers and then built.

Because of architectural visualization and CGI animations, architects have the ability to first visual their building designs and find many flaws, errors and construction mistakes beforehand. This also allows engineers and architects to get an estimate of the build times, space taken, and even run simulations of rain air and more.

Because of this, a lot of buildings created are not only safer for the people inside (because of the planning beforehand and visualization) but more complex and bigger buildings are now possible to construct, allowing much more space utilization and efficient building.

While CGI has made the life of projects much easier, especially considering the fact that now a days, the viability of buildings is determined during any part of the construction, not only saving millions for the company but also many work hours.

At the end of the day, visualization in this day and age has become extremely advanced, allowing us to get the best out of our structural projects before their construction even starts.